Rhinebeck Potential SCAM - Advertising Solicitation

Below is from the Rhinebeck Central School District:

"Community members and businesses should be reminded that it is not the practice of the Rhinebeck Central School District to employ the services of any company for the purpose of soliciting money from individuals or local businesses to support our programs or our students, or to otherwise authorize them to do so.  Please be aware that this unethical practice has occurred in our area sporadically in past years, and as a new school year is ready to commence, the community is urged to be cautious if approached.
Community members and local businesses that are contacted by any company claiming an affiliation with the Rhinebeck Central School District, either soliciting a donation or asking you to purchase items with your business’ advertising or place your business’ advertising on such items, such as mugs, water bottles, book covers, sports schedule posters or other items, please contact the office of the Superintendent of Schools before writing a check or placing an order.
The Rhinebeck Central School District appreciates the overwhelming support provided by the individuals and businesses in our community over the years.  We do not want any business to take advantage of the Rhinebeck community’s generosity and good will.
If you have any questions pertaining to this information, please don’t hesitate to contact Joseph L. Phelan, Superintendent of Schools, at 845/871-5520."


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