Tivoli Artists Co-op and Gallery


Tivoli Artists Co-op and Gallery
Tivoli Artists' Co-op Annual Erotica Show: "LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU" Opens February 3 - February 26, 2012.
The Tivoli Artists' Co-op is a group of about forty Hudson Valley artists who maintain a gallery in the lively village of Tivoli, New York. Each year a dozen or more exhibits of varied scope and subject are mounted. The artists include painters, sculptors, jewelers, photographers, potters, illustrators and performance artists.
Most of the artists work in more than one medium, making each exhibit unique and unprecedented. Since its inception, the Co-op has built a reputation for excellence and enjoys recognition for its stimulating exhibits and related events. The two spacious gallery rooms lend themselves to the exhibit of large work as well as providing room for performances.



Mission Statement and Guidelines

The Tivoli Artists Co-op is an organization of visual artists and performers who have come together to present their work to the public. During the year, we will be scheduling prose and poetry readings, offering art classes, presenting local musical talent, mounting exhibitions, and giving workshops. The goal of the Co-op is to maintain a space where all professional artists will be encouraged to take risks and produce original new work. 

CO-OP POLICY GUIDELINES The following guidelines were created in the general spirit of the Co-op, which is one of personal responsibility, good sense, and care and cooperation among the members. These guidelines are for use within that spirit.


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